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Content I cover

PC Gaming

I review and feature PC gaming and related content in our videos and ensure anything that'll influence gamers will be covered and discussed.

PC Hardware

I review and cover PC hardware related content and try and provide unboxing, review and comparisons between related hardware.


Where I can, I will constantly do performance benchmarking and statistics on PC hardware to allow viewers to make informed purchasing.

Videos & Photos

I will also be reviewing hardware and software used to create YouTube video content and give my opinion on it.

Having fun

I will always be having fun and do things with a hint of humor. If this doesn't work for you, then too bad. :P

Blogs and Vlogs

I will constantly be generating blogs/vlogs about the most randomist stuff that doesn't fit my normal content.

Builds & Logs

Where possible, I will be creating builds and logging and make videos of the whole process to share the experience with you.


I will be sharing news and hot topics where and when possible in a variety of formats. Hopefully soon also live streams.


And yes... I will always be asking for support and funding to try and keep the content flowing and also improve quality.

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Yeah, I actually tell people what's going on from time to time and like to share stuff, so join in.

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